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Copyediting services are the EdenEcho specialty. Some editors distinguish copyediting as a separate service from line editing or substantive editing, but I consider those as simply variations of my copyediting service.

I offer free sample edits to not only determine if we are a good fit for working together, but to also determine how deep of an edit your manuscript requires. Pricing varies and is based on the amount of work required.

I follow the Chicago Manual of Style with a descriptive-leaning approach. That doesn't mean I don't follow the rules--I just know when it's appropriate to break them.

All edits are done in Microsoft Word using Track Changes and comments.

Below are what I include in my copyediting service:

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Grammar, Spelling, and Punctuation Check

All levels of copyediting include review and revision of these issues. Spellcheck can't always catch misused words such as there/their/they're, or forgotten commas and apostrophes.

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Sometimes during the writing process, authors change the names of character or places, but miss a few spots when updating it throughout the manuscript. I will hunt those down as well as find inconsistencies in timelines, fact check certain details, and, depending on the needs of the manuscript, point out differences in character voices or setting descriptions.

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Sentence Structure and Flow

For manuscripts that need an extra boost with what could be considered line-editing, I will point out any rocky sentences and suggest improvements. I look for confusing descriptions, word choice that could be improved, and cadence that affects to power of the story.

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