Beautiful Apocalypse

Beautiful Apocalypse is a free web serial urban fantasy trilogy featuring a group of demons working with angels to save the world. Follow these unique, supernatural characters on their journey to not only save humanity, but to discover who they really are.

Soul Reacher Cover

Book 1: The Soul Reacher

Jack Harper is no ordinary demon. He’s a Soul Reacher, able to connect to humans through emotions and steal their souls, bringing them to Hell before they have a chance at redemption. But that’s not the only thing that makes him different. He has one of the most coveted jobs among demons and he hates doing it.

When the violent, music-loving demon, Prince Buriel, escapes Hell and begins a deadly rampage on Earth, he unknowingly spawns a half-demon, a child that Lucifer wants to capture before he becomes worse than his father and causes a holy war. To accomplish the task, he sends Jack and three companions to hunt him in the most unexpected way: as a heavy metal band using music to bait him.

An angel in denial, Annabelle Colmyre has the boy under her wing, the child her Evangelical family claims is a demon. All she knows is she must protect him from something. When the passion for heavy metal comes out in him, she worries it’s too late. But there’s something about his favorite band that intrigues her too: a front man who has as much of a grip on her soul as he does on the boy she must protect.


Book 2: The Broken Angel

Description and release date TBD