The Shadows Trilogy

A contemporary suspense action series following heavy metal singer Shadow McKinley and his harrowing adventures as he struggles to discover who he really is and his true path in life. And his past seems to never stop trying to kill him.

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Book One - Shadows Unveiled

Release date: August 10, 2021

Heavy metal singer Shadow McKinley has faked his death to leave behind what he considers a torturous life. While disguised under his new identity as Shanley, a traveling pool hustler, he meets Macy, a teenage runaway and fan of his former band. Her plan to find her father in Los Angeles has fallen apart, and together they begin a cross-country road trip to get there.

But Shanley makes one huge mistake, and their adventure turns into a desperate escape from the police and a struggle to stay alive. And with Macy unknowingly tormenting him with flashes of his past, Shanley must fight to keep his secret—not only from her, but from a world that is determined to find him.

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Book Two - Shadows Rising

Release Date: July 5, 2022

Shadow McKinley has rebuilt his musical career, successfully regaining his status as one of the best heavy metal singers in the world. But with success comes the adoration and worship that had driven him away before. As he finds himself drowning once again, he meets the one person who truly understands him. A soulmate who brings as much danger as happiness.

Stunning Dutch metal singer Nicoline Aldenberg also has a dark past of bad decisions. As Shadow falls deeper under her spell, he faces the wrath of her violent ex-husband who will stop at nothing to kill him. Onstage and off, from Atlanta to Tilburg, nowhere is safe. Can Shadow survive the most impassioned—and deadliest—choice he’s ever made?

Available in paperback and eBook. Free on Kindle Unlimited.


Book Three - Shadows Forsaken

Release Date: January 2023

The Shadows Trilogy comes to an end in an incredibly intense, edge-of-your-seat finale. Shadow McKinley's adventure through life continues when he must face the most unexpected threat possible--and more deadly than anything he's encountered before. The most thrilling installment of the series arrives January 2023!