Developmental Editing

Developmental Editing


Sometimes authors with beautiful ideas struggle with getting the story just right, or are so encompassed by the fictional world they've created that they can't see the story from the outside. We want readers to join us in that world, and therefore we must make it easy for them to enter and enjoy the ride.

In this type of editing, I am a strong advocate for the reader. I will look at the story as a whole, as well as plot point by plot point. We'll work together on perfecting character development, setting the ideal scenes, and linking all the pieces together for a flawless flow.

In addition to direct comments on the manuscript itself, I will provide a detailed analysis of both character development and the story as a whole, highlighting all strengths and weaknesses within the manuscript, as well as detailed suggestions on how to make the overall story even better. Don't worry--your work won't be hijacked; my goal is to help you mold what you have, and give you the tools to make it incredible.

All work is done in Microsoft Word using Track Changes and comments.

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