Interior Book Design

Interior Book Design

Designing and formatting the layout of a book is an art, but it is crucial for a professional looking book. Whether you are publishing in paperback, hardcover, or ebook, the appearance of your words on the page says a lot about you as an author.

I offer interior book design and layout services for all methods of publication. For print books such as paperback and hardcover, I use Adobe InDesign to create a beautiful PDF file that includes properly measured margins, clean justification and kerning of the text, and attractive chapter headings and page breaks (if applicable). For ebooks I use Jutoh to create .epub or .mobi files with proper justification of text, an easily navigated table of contents, and any external URLs you may need such as links to your website, newsletter signups, or take readers directly to where they can leave a review.

PDF files provided by me can be used for printing with Amazon KDP, Barnes & Noble Press, and IngramSpark. Ebook files can be uploaded to any of the aforementioned retailers in addition to other sites such as Kobo.

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